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ats, angel

Angel Rewatch: "Belonging" through "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb"

Posted on 2012.03.10 at 15:29
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A/N: This is like half as long as it initially was. But the internet ate all of my Really Important Analysis. I am too angry to even employ the use of all caps. Hmph. Anyway:

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ats, angel

Angel Season 3 Re-Watch

Posted on 2012.03.09 at 01:07
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I think periodically I'll be posting here as I rewatch Angel season 3 (and eventually 4 and 5 as well) with my friend Clara, who's a first-timer. Seeing her reactions and also experiencing the show chronologically for the first time in three or four years is allowing me to re-evaluate a lot of my opinions about some of the characters. For instance,
  1. I used to be nooooot a big fan of Gunn, but upon rewatching I appreciate his humor and his background story so much more. It'll be interesting to see how my opinion of his relationship with Fred (ugh this used to be the bane of my existence) changes as I rewatch.
  2. I'm also SO curious to see my friend's reaction when Fred chooses Gunn over Wesley. Because she's already been Tumblr-spoiled on the Fred/Wesley relationship, so she's going to shit brix. OMG she's so unprepared for "Waiting in the Wings."
  3. Also, Lindsey and Lilah. Well, I guess Lindsey's off the show for now (?), but I was never a huge Lilah fan. And now I absolutely adore her character. Like, I can't wait to see what happens to her next season. I've forgotten so much of what happened on this show. 
  4. I'm also BEYOND EXCITED for the episodes with Faith in season 4. I have a lot more appreciation for her character now that I've been reading the Angel & Faith comics, and I'm eager to watch them interact more on screen with that in mind.
  5. Still, though. CANGEL 4EVER.
  6. Oh God, this is my last season with Cordelia.
  7. Excuse my there's something in my eye.
So this should be fun!

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So this is LiveJournal

Posted on 2012.03.06 at 15:00
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As far as bandwagons go, it's taken me a pretty fucking long time to hop on this one. I've been in "fandom" since I was 11/12 years old (maybe a little younger if you count all the times I accidentally stumbled upon Harry Potter fanfiction in elementary school). Now I'm 19. Holy shit that's like so much time I'm so old.

I was active on a lot of the Gilmore Girls forums a while back, and I spent a hell of a lot of time analyzing characters and all that other shit every day when I got home from school. I've been on Tumblr now for at least 3 years, first as a part of the general Doctor Who fandom, and more recently (and probably for a long-ass time to come) the Buffy/Angel/Whedonverse fandom. I LOVE IT. 

As far as intro posts go, this is pretty shitty. I just want to make it apparent that I'm a real person, because I created this account primarily so I could participate in Fandom March Madness and I'm SO EXCITED. Guys you have no idea.